26 Years of the Hungarian Book Agency

We supply the ex-pat Hungarian community in Britain with reading material - whether books, newspapers or magazines - and we pride ourselves on a quick and reliable service. By co-operating with small family firms in Hungary, we can be prompt and flexible.
Apart from ten different categories of books, we carry a small stock of videos, DVDs, audio tapes and CDs, CD-ROMs, mini-books, sheet music - you name it! On top of all this we can obtain seasonal goods - Hungarian calendars (complete with name days) or Christmas cards. During our nearly two decades of service we have supplied our customers with posters and floating chessboards, one Fradi kit, and even arranged a cimbalom sale! We also sell books!

We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support. The past 20 years have seen our mailing list grow from just 800 to over 5,000. We are keenly aware of being the only importers of Hungarian books in the UK - a fact which has given us a unique reputation. We strive for high standards and low prices and hope to remain the main retail and library suppliers of all items to do with Hungarian culture up and down the British Isles.