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Learning Hungarian is a daunting task indeed... It is one of the hardest languages to master, but if are brave enough to try, we have the textbooks to help you along. From individual to group study, from colloquial to linguistic level, we have a wide range of teaching material to offer. Do contact us for advice or for a word of encouragement...

Halló, itt Magyarország is by far the most popular teaching material with evening class teachers in the UK. Currently four evening classes use this package and the students come back for the next level, year in, year out.

Constructed by experienced teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language, Halló, itt Magyarország provides a comprehensive course for the dedicated learner. As the entire text is in Hungarian, working through the material with the guidance of a native teacher is usually a good idea - may it be in an evening class environment or at home, learning from and with a Hungarian spouse or partner.

Do read our detailed description of the course material - see below - and do not hesitate to contact us for reassurance...

Erdős József – Prileszky Csilla:

Halló, itt Magyarország!

 Hungarian for Foreigners


Halló, itt Magyarország gives proficiency in everyday Hungarian, based on well-founded grammatical knowledge both at beginners’ and intermediate level.

 It can be used in the classroom as well as for individual learning.


Both 1st and 2nd volumes contain:

  • twenty, identically structured units;
  • clear tables summarising the most important grammatical constructions;
  • a glossary of the new words;
  • revised texts which introduce the learner to the most common speech sttuations;
  • picture exercises to improve oral fluency as well as exercises to practice contemporary written and oral language and grammar.

The audio material contains the readings of the units and some of the sample dialogues.

The Supplementary Volume includes:

  •  a key to the exercises;
  • a glossary of words and grammatical terms in five languages (Hungarian, English, German, French and Italian);
  • a Hungarian-English and Hungarian-German contrastive introduction to the new vocabulary and grammatical constructions of each individual unit.


Price at HBA: Volume I.: £27.00; Volume II.: £25.00

Special Offer: buy volumes I. and II. together for £50.00

Supplementary Volume: £20.00